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You know if you are one, and you likely also know someone who is – a hoarder. These are people who simply like to collect thing – and collect, and collect and collect. Now there is nothing inherently wrong with being a hoarder despite what the media may be trying to tell you. It is likely that the hoarders you know, and if you are one of them, are not likely to go to the extremes shown on alleged television reality shows. But there is a positive side to being a hoarder.

That positive side is where you will eventually be cleaning up and reducing the pile of collectibles to a more manageable size and space. And that is when you should make the call to a reputable business that will pay you cash for gold in Gilbert. It is almost certain among the treasures you find in the piles of soon to be hauled off debris are items of gold, silver, and even copper in those old pennies you once thought were worthless. Forever Diamond Jewelers may not have a lot of interest in your pennies, but we might be able to tell you who will have. As for the silver and gold, by all means bring it in to be appraised to get the best price available based on existing gold market prices.

Obviously jewelers use gold and silver to make their custom designed rings and bracelets, and your silver and gold has as much value as the next person’s – maybe more! There are a number of places where gold is found in anyone’s home that is often overlooked and ends up in the trash. All the apparently very small amounts found in earrings, rings, and broaches that people consider to not be worth saving adds up on the scale. As someone once said, there are still 100 pennies in a dollar, and an ounce of gold is worth a lot more than an ounce of copper.

You do not have to be an expert and know whether the gold is 14, 18, or 24 karat. Just bring it in to be assessed by our professional jewelers and you can get cash immediately and walk out the door for being a wise hoarder. Yes, there will be times when your search for old gold jewelry and coins will come up empty, but the price of gold continues to be high and historically runs higher during tough economic times. Since no one knows when the next rough patch will come, today is the best time to take your hoarded gold and silver and bring it into Forever Diamonds for an honest and quick appraisal. It is a win-win for both the business and the hoarder, since both get a much needed commodity.

There are many places you can go to get cash for gold in Gilbert but who can you trust and who has both the experience and reputation in the community that helps you know you are getting treated fairly and getting the best price possible for your gold and silver? You will have to make that decision for yourself, but we, like the price of gold, have a very good reputation for stability and price.

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