Sell Your Silver for Cash

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Here at Forever Diamond Jewelers, we don’t only buy gold. We are also the premier silver buyers Scottsdale Arizona residents trust. You can bring us your old, worn out, or unused silver items in any condition. We will conduct a fair appraisal and give you a written estimate. This estimate is good for 7 days so you can shop around if you want and rest assured that you are receiving top dollar for your silver items. We have many satisfied customers and believe that there are certain features that set us apart from other jewelry buyers:

  1. We are not a pawn shop. We specialize in silver, gold, and other precious metals and gemstones. Our appraisers know jewelry value and can give you up to 94% of the appraised value of your items.
  2. Written estimates that are good for 7 days. You will always know that you are getting top dollar because you can compare our estimate to our competitors.
  3. We accept your silver and other precious metals in any condition. No need to polish or repair anything. We will pay you based on the metal value, not the condition of the piece.
  4. We buy all forms of silver. Whether it is an old bracelet, silverware, or even silver coins we buy it all. We are your one stop show to sell your silver items.
  5. You can trade up. Since we buy many types of metals and jewelry, you don’t have to only sell your items to us. If you have an old silver ring or bracelet, you can use the value for store credit to purchase a higher value item.
  6. Our appraisers and silver buyers know the silver market. They pay attention to when the price of silver goes up and know when they can offer you higher dollar amounts for you unwanted silver items.

Come in today to have your unwanted silver appraised and to sell it for top dollar. We can help put some extra cash in your pocket and look forward to having yet another satisfied customer.

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