What You Need To Know When Selling Your Gold Or Other Precious Metals

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There are many cash-for-gold dealers who are willing to buy precious metals and bullion that can be found online. If you have been investing in gems and other precious metals in the last few years, now is a good time to sell them and make profit. Here is what you need to know when selling your gold or silver.

Before selling precious metals, it is best to check their purity first. This refers to the actual amount of pure gold that is present in the jewelry item. Some pieces of jewelries are often mixed with other metals such as copper, zinc or silver in order to make them more durable.

The karatage of the jewelry item determines its purity level so look for the letter K. A pure piece that is 24K is 100 percent pure whereas 18K is 75 percent pure. The lowest purity is 9K with around 35 percent.

Some people opt for Tupperware parties that are organized by their friends or neighbors to sell their jewelry. While these parties are a convenient way to make some quick cash, they don’t always offer the best deal. This is because the organizing company gets its commission as well as the host. Once all the sellers weigh their jewelries together, they are paid according to the lowest karat value. Never accept these terms otherwise you will make a loss.

When visiting a verified pawnshop or jeweller, keep an eye on their scale. Some buyers use a different system to weigh the jewelry items. Always make sure the items are being weighed by the gram since anything else will get you less money. If at any time you are in doubt, simply walk away. After all, no deal is better than a bad deal.

If you are seeking a trustworthy and well-respected buyer to buy your gems and jewelries, why not choose a company that will offer you a fair deal. There are many family-owned jewelry stores in Arizona who have an excellent reputation in customer service. All you need to do is take the gems to their store and get an offer within one week.

The best thing about these buyers is that they will never put you under pressure or obligation to accept their price. You can even take the time to think it over. Another good option would be to go online and enter the keywords jewelry buyers Arizona. This allows sellers to compare prices and choose the best deal for their precious metals.

Another common form of jewelry that most people wish to sell nowadays is sterling silver. If it is marked with 925, it means that its purity is high and is not usually mixed with any other metals. Most silver pieces contain a stamp that indicates their quality so look for this stamp inside the ring or on the necklace’s chain. This allows the seller to find out how much they can sell it for. By using an honest buyer in Arizona, precious metal sellers are guaranteed to get the service they need, without getting short-changed.

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