Why You Should Sell Your Unwanted Gold

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We all have those pieces, those items that we no longer want but can’t bring ourselves to get rid of. Maybe your grandfather, like mine, loved big, gaudy gold rings that he left you and you cherish because they belonged to him, but would not be caught dead wearing. Maybe styles have simply changed or a piece that used to have great significance to you has lost that sentimental pull. Here are some reasons to consider selling your old gold:

  • Gold prices are high. That seems simple enough, but in an age where the stock market can reach record highs one day and record lows the next, the stable nature of gold ensures that you will always receive a good price for your unwanted jewelry.
  • Some items can be most beneficial when they are converted to cash. Sure, your grandfather loved his rings, but he left them to you because he knew their value, not because he wanted you to keep them in a safe deposit box forever. Consider selling the gold, using that money for a college fund or your son’s first car – something your grandfather would have been proud to help with. Then, use the gems from the rings to make a tasteful pendant for a necklace or bracelet so that you actually get some use out of Grandpa’s rings.
  • Getting rid of an item that has negative memories associated with it can actually be cathartic.

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