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Gold Buyers in Scottsdale, AZ

Where can you get cash for gold in Scottsdale? The answer is simple: call the best gold buyers for an honest and top-of-the-market offer. Not only are we a family-owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best price for their gold along with an offer that stands for 7 days — giving you time to consider the offer, weigh your options, and even shop our competitors. We’re confident that you will return in 7 days and our offer will not change. Once you decide to sell your gold, we will Pay You Cash!

We are located in Gilbert, but customers all over the valley call us or stop by when they find out our customers call us the best gold buyer in Scottsdale.


We will Pay You Cash for Your Gold in Scottsdale!


Using certified scales, we determine the best price for our customers looking to sell their gold. Honesty and integrity come first and foremost in how we do business and what we offer our customers. Our honest and professional offers are always set at the top-of-the-market and are good for 7 days so that you don’t feel the need to make a snap decision. We don’t just want to buy your precious jewelry, we want to enter into a trusted partnership and be your Gold Buyer for life! We will make a cash offer on any gold, diamonds, silver or loose jewelry in any condition. We are the best Cash for Gold company serving Scottsdale.


Cash 4 Gold Scottsdale

If you have gold and need cash, we will give you cash 4 gold! In most cases, we pay up to 94% of market value — giving  you the most value for your items. Bring in your gold today for an on-the-spot cash offer that will stand for 7 days.



We’ll Give You Cash for Your Jewelry

Are you looking for Scottsdale Dumpster Rentals? If so, what are you doing here? Gold and silver buying in Scottsdale is what we do best. We can help! We buy gold, silver, and diamond jewelry.  We’re so confident that we’ll give you the best price and service that you can find, we will give you a full seven days to make your decision! Feel free to shop around or take your time thinking it over and then come back within seven days. Give us all that gold jewelry you no longer want and we’ll give you cash! If you have questions about other jewelry you might want to sell, just let us know! We want you to feel confident and comfortable with any decision you make.


Sell Your Gold! Sell Your Silver! Sell Your Diamonds!

We are Scottsdale’s best gold buyer, but we also buy your unwanted silver and diamonds! Whether you’re looking to sell gold, diamonds or silver, we will make you a cash offer that’s good for 7 days. Your gold items and jewelry can come into our store in any condition and we will pay top dollar — no need to clean or get previous appraisal. Even broken jewelry and loose stones can be sold to us for up to 94% of market value. Let us pay you cash 4 gold, diamonds and silver today! We are Scottsdale’s best gold buyer as well as silver buyers and diamond buyers.


Diamond Buyers in Scottsdale

Have you considered selling your unworn jewelry? Many jewelers buy gold and silver, but Forever Diamonds Jewelers also buys diamonds. No need to be left with diamonds after selling your gold or silver, with us you can sell the entire piece of jewelry. Whether you want to get rid of some items you no longer wear, or if you just want to make a little extra cash, we can help! We are the Scottsdale diamond buyers that customers rely on for all of their jewelry needs and we’d be happy to assist you too. Our helpful staff can explain the process to you so that you feel confident and comfortable with any decision you make.


Why Are We The Best Gold Buyer in Scottsdale?

We love being the best gold buyer in Scottsdale, but don’t take our word for it. Hear it from some of our trusted, loyal and happy customers. They have taken the time to give us their honest testimonials and want you to know what it’s like to sell your gold to us.

Scottsdale Gold Buyers

Are you looking for Scottsdale gold buyers? When you are considering selling your jewelry, it is a good idea to research your options and educate yourself on what would be a reasonable price for your jewelry. We encourage our customers to research and even shop around, which is why we allow customers a full 7 days on any offer we make for you to make a decision. Deciding to sell your jewelry can be difficult and you don’t want to have any regrets. Stop into our showroom and let us explain the process to you and make you an offer on your gold jewelry.


We Buy Gold in Scottsdale, Arizona

We love our customers in Scottsdale and have been buying gold in Scottsdale for many years. We understand the emotional impact of giving up family jewelry and often times we buy your gold and use it to create a new jewelry piece for a new family to enjoy. Take advantage of the high price of gold now and turn your unused gold and jewels into cash.


Scottsdale Silver Buyers

When it comes to getting rid of unwanted silver, look for the silver buyers in Scottsdale with a history of fair pricing and satisfied customers. Whether you want to upgrade the old silver bracelet you have for a newer one, are looking to get rid of Grandma’s old silverware, or have some other reason to trade your unwanted precious metal for cash, stop by our shop today. We always offer the fair market value for your silver and our quote is good for 7 days, so you can shop around and know you’ve gotten the best deal on your silver.


Silver Buyers Scottsdale

The price of silver has increased significantly. When the price of silver goes up, that means we’re able to pay more for your unwanted silver. We have been appraising and buying silver for many years, which is why our customers consider us the best silver buyer in Scottsdale, AZ. Bring us your unworn or out-of-fashion silver jewelry as well as any silverware that has been collecting dust. We will give you a cash offer for your silver in any condition (no need to polish before bringing it in).


Who Pays the Most for Watches?

We can say with complete confidence that we pay the most for new and used watches in Scottsdale. Bring in your watch in any working condition and we will offer you the best price. Even broken watches and certain watch parts will have value that you can turn into cash. Our beautiful showroom features some of the most beautiful and sought-after watches available in Scottsdale, Arizona. Come in and see for yourself why so many of our customers call us the best watch Buyer in Scottsdale, even though we are located in Gilbert!


Best Gold & Silver Buyers

We love that our customers call us Scottsdale’s best gold and silver buyers. Customer service and personal integrity are our top priorities — as well as getting you the best price for you gold and silver. Get cash 4 gold and cash 4 silver today! Our offer stands for 7 days so you can walk out with cash on-the-stop, or think it over and check out our competitor’s prices. We’re confident that you’ll return to get top-dollar for your gold and silver jewelry.


Cash for Gold Scottsdale

We pay cash 4 gold for those living in Scottsdale, AZ! We will make you a top-of-the-market cash offer for your unused gold or gold jewelry. Our customers in Scottsdale will tell you we are a very reputable, Gold Buying Company. Let us pay you cash for your gold!


Top-Rated Gold Buying Companies

Looking for the best gold-buying company in Scottsdale can be a daunting task. We encourage our customers to do their homework and don’t stop at one company — and that includes ours. We give each and every person that walks in our doors an offer that stands for 7 days. We believe in not making snap decisions and we want you to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your precious family heirlooms. Let us make you an offer on your gold, silver, diamonds or loose jewelry and discover why we’re the best gold buying company.


We Buy Diamonds in Scottsdale

We don’t just buy gold and silver, we also buy diamonds! Whether it’s loose diamonds or part of your jewelry, we offer an honest and fair price. We even lock-in our offer for seven days to allow you the opportunity to compare it to other diamond buyers Scottsdale AZ residents may want to compare the price with. Being a locally owned family business, we understand the value of coming to a diamond buyer and being treated with respect and honesty. When you sell your diamonds at Forever Diamonds, you can expect nothing but the best treatment and fairest prices in Arizona.


Types of Diamonds

Diamonds are highly sought after and are given to represent key moments in someone’s life, from getting engaged to becoming a mother. Diamonds are the second most valued metal in the world, gold being the first. There are 2 classifications for diamonds – type one which contains nitrogen and type two which does not contain nitrogen, but does contain other impurities. There are several types of diamonds that can be found in jewelry based on color and cut. The most commonly known and popular is white diamond, but here are some other diamonds that diamond buyers in Scottsdale keep an eye out for:

  • Pink diamonds – the most rare and expensive diamond in the world
  • Blue diamonds – very rare and expensive
  • Champagne diamonds – come in a variety of natural colors
  • Yellow diamonds – the more yellow this is diamond is, the more valuable
  • Green diamonds – rare and obtains its green color from exposure to radioactive material